World's First Data-driven
Accelerator Program

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World’s First Data-driven Accelerator Program

Accelerator Program

World’s First Data-driven Accelerator Program


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Our team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors who possess a wealth of knowledge in scaling businesses like yours. Our team has previously built successful companies, supported other founders from inception to unicorn status, and managed over $200M in funds. 

* Peachscore does not hold any ownership stake in the listed companies, which are associated with the partner's previous work as an entrepreneur or fund manager, including positions held at Plug & Play and JP Morgan.

10+ Exits

iXnet: IPO, IPC: Acquired, Westcom: Acquired, Genband: Public Merger, Netas: Acquired, Telerate: Acquired, Savvis: Public Exit, Voyager: Acquired, Aligned Energy: Acquired, Talkpoint: Acquired, BasePaws: Acquired, Code Spark: Acquired, Visual Labs: Acquired.

25+ Active Investments

$2B in active investments.

$4B+ Exit Value

Total market cap of our investments over the last 15 years.

Our Value Proposition

At Peachscore, we employ a human-technology hybrid approach
to supporting our companies, ensuring their success in the competitive market

Peachscore Fund

As part of our accelerator program, the Peachscore investment committee is pleased to offer investments of up to $50k to select companies. The decision to invest will be based on the company's progress in the program and final due diligence. Investment terms include a $6M pre-money valuation cap using a SAFE structure with a 20% discount. 


Boost + Connect + Grow

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, Peachscore provides a powerful platform and accelerator program to help you boost your startup, build your network, and connect with the right investors and customers.

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What others are saying about Peachscore

  • My experience on Peachscore and with your team has been fantastic. I think you have a great product, I love the interface, and I’m excited to see your company grow into the next unicorn. Unfortunately, we are winding down my business at the moment (hence, the low Peachscore!). However, for any company that I start in the future, I will certainly be using Peachscore as a way to grade my startup and highlight areas that I need to address/improve on.
    VC @ American Express
    Consumer Internet
  • This is really a great platform. Easy to use and the risk assessment details are SUPER helpful. It clarified for me what's important for investors and what we need to get clear on before going in front of them. For what it's worth big thumbs up from me.
    Nicola Leggo, CEO & Co-Founder
    Now You're Clean
  • Peachscore helped me uncover insights into my business that are valuable as a founder. The tool is also useful for streamlining our company's progress into an easy-to-read report.
    Patrick Utz, CEO
  • I am glad that within two weeks of us joining the Peachscore platform, we have been able to pitch our startup, connect with multiple potential investors and meet other experts/peers. I am sure the Analytics behind the scenes will help you quantify your scoring and correlate it with successful outcomes. This is truly one of the most elegant platforms that exist today for this purpose! (easy to use, elegant and seemingly very progressive). Kudos to the entire Peachscore team.
    Dr. Himanshu Misra , CEO & Co-founder
    EnlitenAI, Inc
  • I strongly believe Peachscore is the next evolution of the VC industry. The platform rapidly accelerates the connection between startups and the critical stakeholders and resources they need to grow.
    Jeff Tan
    Co-CEO of Innovation at Microsoft
  • Peachscore provides an opportunity to the unserved entrepreneurs, the 99. 9% of ventures that never get funded because of a lack of how-to or lack of exposure driven by a measurable viability score – the PeachScore. As an investor, it provides me broader access to fundable deals in a streamlined and comparable manner.”
    Sid Mohaseb, Innovator , University Professor
  • In the search for Smart money, we learned that it is a big challenge to inspire a potential investor with your pitch in seconds and at the same time provide all the information. Peachscore does not replace the pitch deck but it is an additional tool that gives every investor a quick, transparent overview. With Peachscore it is possible to filter, categorize and rate the companies. For us, Peachscore is the new standard in fundraising
    Michael H.W. Schmitz, CEO
  • Peachscore is a data-driven measurement product that is very unique for the industry. It provides users with a score that is insightful, simple, and straightforward. I received incredible support from the Peachscore team during the onboarding process and would definitely recommend Peachscore to my fellow entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their startup!
    Ivan Mishanin, COO & Co-founder
  • Peachscore has a really innovative solution to a complex challenge. Not only is their score helpful to investors, it also helps founders track their progress, identify opportunities, and identify the dials they need to turn to make their company attractive to investors. I use our score/report as one of my primary KPI resources.
    CEO & Co-Founder