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FICO Score for Startups With Data-Centric Accelerator Program

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FICO Score for Startups With Data-Centric Accelerator Program

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Peachscore® Capital

Peachscore® is rolling out a $15M fund, granting eligible startups the chance to secure investments ranging from $5k to $100k through convertible notes. With a fully automated application system, we guarantee decisions within a mere 7 days. Our goal is to pioneer the swiftest fundraising mechanism in the industry.

* Listed companies are associated with the founding team portfolio and previous work as fund managers, including positions held at Plug & Play and other individuals' investments.

3+ Exits

BasePaws: Acquired, Code Spark: Acquired, Visual Labs: Acquired.

15+ Active Investments

$650M Investments Market Cap.

$4B+ Exit Value

Total market cap of our investments over the last 15 years.

Our Value Proposition

At Peachscore, we employ a human-technology hybrid approach
to supporting our companies, ensuring their success in the competitive market

Human + Technology

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, Peachscore provides a powerful platform and accelerator program to help you boost your startup, build your network, and connect with the right investors and customers.

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What others are saying about Peachscore

  • What I value most about Peachscore is the caliber of speakers and the insightful wisdom they share, especially from those who have firsthand experience. The connections formed with other founders, the hands-on support from the team, and the effective, adaptable communication stand out. In three words: communication, connection, and support.
    Nadine Pfeifer
    CEO - HopStair - London
  • We joined the Peachscore accelerator program with the goal of better connecting with the right advisers, mentors, and partners, and obtaining the guidance and direction needed as a growing company. Needless to say, Peachscore has been instrumental in helping us move forward and achieve many of these goals. We view Peachscore as a supportive, adaptive, and knowledgeable community that we are extremely proud to be a part of.
    Compton Oliver
    CEO & Founder - immerCompton Oliver, NY
  • We joined Peachscore to get ready for our first investment round and gain friendship, knowledge, and guidance that I will treasure deeply. In three words, I would say Peachscore is Progressive, diverse, and kind.
    Tom Bowden
    CEO - CloudCrocodile - London
  • We joined Peachscore accelerator program in order to reach right investors and right business partners. After the program I am now a real entrepreneur who can knock on investor doors with confidence.
    Selen Canogullari
    CEO & founder - Pepcubes - Turkey
  • l’ve we joined Peachscore program because we didn't participate previously in any program like that .We got tremendous value we didn't regret for a second. We met very amazing people and got a useful Network. We figure out how to calculate TAM and SOM markets. If I describe Peachscore in some words I would say support, network, opportunities and humor.
    Stan Meshcheryakov
    CEO & founder - onlihub - Chicago
  • My experience at the Peachscore accelerator is that the co-founders are experts in the startup ecosystem with very deep roots. I'm very pleased to meet very valuable investors and entrepreneurs. If I had to describe the program in words, I would say insightful, educational, encouraging, and very supportive. Thank you Peachscore
    Mona DeFrawi
    CEO - Radivision
  • This is really a great platform. Easy to use and the risk assessment details are SUPER helpful. It clarified for me what's important for investors and what we need to get clear on before going in front of them. For what it's worth big thumbs up from me.
    Nicola Leggo, CEO & Co-Founder
    Now You're Clean
  • I am glad that within two weeks of us joining the Peachscore platform, we have been able to pitch our startup, connect with multiple potential investors and meet other experts/peers. I am sure the Analytics behind the scenes will help you quantify your scoring and correlate it with successful outcomes. This is truly one of the most elegant platforms that exist today for this purpose! (easy to use, elegant and seemingly very progressive). Kudos to the entire Peachscore team.
    Dr. Himanshu Misra , CEO & Co-founder
    EnlitenAI, Inc
  • I strongly believe Peachscore is the next evolution of the VC industry. The platform rapidly accelerates the connection between startups and the critical stakeholders and resources they need to grow.
    Jeff Tan
    Co-CEO of Innovation at Microsoft
  • Peachscore provides an opportunity to the unserved entrepreneurs, the 99. 9% of ventures that never get funded because of a lack of how-to or lack of exposure are driven by a measurable viability score – the Peachscore. As an investor, it provides me broader access to fundable deals in a streamlined and comparable manner.”
    Sid Mohaseb,
    Early-stage Investor in Palantir
  • In the search for Smart money, we learned that it is a big challenge to inspire a potential investor with your pitch in seconds and at the same time provide all the information. Peachscore does not replace the pitch deck but it is an additional tool that gives every investor a quick, transparent overview. With Peachscore, it is possible to filter, categorize, and rate the companies. For us, Peachscore is the new standard in fundraising. Also, with the help of the Peachscore accelerator program in Los Angeles, we connected with like-minded people in the US and discovered interesting potential investors for our startup.
    Michael H.W. Schmitz, CEO