Our Journey


We began as an artificial intelligence tech evaluation platform but have since evolved into the world's first data-driven accelerator program. Our team is comprised of data nerds with extensive experience in building successful companies from the ground up, taking them all the way to IPO, and then transitioning to the other side of the table to fund and support startups.

Our philosophy is simple: we seek out companies with exceptional founders and great ideas, and then we rally our entire team to support them. We strongly believe that founders should be the ones in charge of their own businesses, and we provide them with the necessary resources to help them achieve success in a short amount of time.

Leadership Team

Alex Mojtahedi

Founding Partner Data Science

David Walsh

Visiting Partner

Rajul Kadakia

Visiting Partner

Peyman Shahmirzadi

Partner, COO

Hanieh Arefian

Head of Marketing

Advisory Board

Alex Marquez

Head of Ventures Experian

Richard Sudek

Award Committee Chair at Angel Capital Association

Rahim Amidi

Founder and Chairman at Plug and Play

Sid Mohasseb

Early Stage Investor Palantir

Jeff Tan

CO-CEO of Innovation Microsoft

Todd Rumberger

Partner at WilmerHale Legal Counsel

Marc Steiner

General Counsel at Plug and Play

Nima Akbarpour

Technology Journalist BBC

Vipul Nakum

Former Head of Risk Assessment and Product at Dun & Bradstreet

Alireza Ghaemian

Levity Live/Improv

Clifford Tong

Berkeley SkyDeck