Our Journey

Our Mission

Out of 40 million companies seeking growth every year, only 20,000, which is less than 0.08%, have the opportunity to join accelerator programs to access capital, entrepreneurship education, and the right network. We started Peachscore to change the status quo by establishing a new standard and leveraging technology to democratize access to vital resources for all founders.

At Peachscore, we envision a future where every founder, regardless of their background or resources, has the chance to thrive. We are driven by a passion for innovation, and our data-driven approach is not just about numbers; it's about empowering the next generation of trailblazers.

By combining our entrepreneurial journey with our commitment to inclusivity, we're dedicated to reshaping the narrative and fostering a more accessible and supportive landscape for startups worldwide.


Team and Advisory Board

Kayvan Baroumand

Executive Chairman

Alex Mojtahedi


Hanieh Arefian

Head of Marketing

Amin Azimi

Head of Product Development

Babak Abadkheir

Head of Backend

Neda Emami

Executive in Residence

Zoe Vatanparast

Executive in Residence

Rajul Kadakia


Alex Marquez

Head of Ventures Experian

Richard Sudek

Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels

Rahim Amidi

Founder and Chairman at Plug and Play

Jeff Tan

CO-CEO of Innovation Microsoft

Sid Mohasseb

Early Stage Investor Palantir

Todd Rumberger

Partner at WilmerHale Legal Counsel

Marc Steiner

General Counsel at Plug and Play

Ali Payani

Chairman, CEO and Founder at Payani Group

Nima Akbarpour

Technology Journalist

Vipul Nakum

Former Head of Risk Assessment and Product at Dun & Bradstreet

Alireza Ghaemian

Levity Live/Improv

Tony Zirnoon

Human Capital Ventures

Clifford Tong

Berkeley SkyDeck

Mehdi Yahyanegad

(Founding Member)

Azita Khodadad

Head of CMS


Executive Assistant