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As a member of Prepare4VC, you'll get 20% off on "Gold Membership". Peachscore is the world's first credit score for startups; a new standard to connect the global startup ecosystem. With Peachscore, every startup in the world has a chance to establish credibility from their early days and access the resources they deserve at speeds never before possible.

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Business intelligence report

Access advanced insights from an investor’s perspective with a 20-page report and monitor your company’s performance continuously.

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Connect with decision makers

Reach and engage with organizations on Peachscore to secure capital, contracts, customers, and resources you need to grow.


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Ultimate Guide for Founders

Data, statistics and analysis on the US private market in regards to how successful founders are building their companies. This report is powered by the Peachscore engine and was put together by our data science team.

Ultimate startup guideline

Peachscore Fund Program

Peachscore fund program is designed for founders who are seeking investment ($10k) from our venture arm. The Opt-in guarantees that your application will be reviewed by our Investment Committee (IC). Every week, companies above 550 points will be presented to the board, and select startups will receive a follow-up email from us. Post-investment, Peachscore will help the portfolio companies to connect with our close network of VC firms and angel investors to potentially secure up to $250k.