Peachscore’s Trade Show Debut

Peachscore’s Trade Show Debut

The Consumer Electronics Show is kicking off the new year with a bang! Beginning on January 5th through the 8th, those in the consumer electronics industry will take over the streets of Vegas to witness breakthrough technologies and worldwide innovation. Since its beginning in 1967, CES has been at the forefront of introducing the most inventive tech products ranging from the first at home VCR to the launch of Microsoft’s XBOX. We are extremely excited that this will be the first Peachscore trade show we attend.

Peachscore's Trade Show Debut

While CES has been “the place” to debut new technologies, in recent years CES has become one of the most influential startup events, allowing entrepreneurs to exhibit their ideas at the Eureka Park expo. With thousands of startups attending CES, from a variety of different sectors ranging from eCommerce to remote learning, there has never been a better venue to be an entrepreneur and showcase your ideas.

We are so excited to be attending our first ever CES and launching the Peachscore platform to the public! In celebration of the new year and our upcoming public launch, we wanted to recognize all the amazing startups that have brought their ideas to market in such a challenging environment influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, our VC partners and the Peachscore team will be hosting a competition to determine which company is the most innovative startup at CES. The award will be called the “Peach Award” and our network of top-tier VC and CVC firms will be voting on the winner. With such prestigious and inspiring startup companies attending CES, it will be very exciting to see who comes out on top!

Now, a little more about us! Peachscore is a fully-automated and AI-enabled platform designed to assist and assess early-stage companies and those who invest in them. Peachscore is used by startups as a “Common App” to fast-track capital, resources, and services using deep datasets. The engine also generates a rating or “Peachscore” for each company by collecting and analyzing relevant company metrics in real-time. This streamlines the investment process for startups, investors, and other stakeholders alike ultimately driving transparency, opportunities, and transactions.

After one year of heavy development and growing the company from 2 employees to over 20, Peachscore will now be showcased to the public at CES in January. Make sure to stop by our booth under the Plug and Play exhibit to meet the team and see the platform.

If you are a startup attending CES, we welcome you to apply for the Peach Award:

1. Sign up for the Peachscore platform — Join here!

2. Enter “CES-2022” into the “Referred By” field.

3. Fill out your company profile before the CES event.

We can’t wait to see you there!

To learn more about what we are trying to accomplish at Peachscore click here.