Awards season has officially begun, and here in Los Angeles, the hometown of Peachscore, we are delighted to be adding a new event happening in Downtown LA on April 27th

It’s time entrepreneurs and their teams are recognized for their innovation, creativity, and courage and with Peachscore growing exponentially over the last year, we now have over 30,000 start-ups with profiles and scores that are attracting the attention of investors.

Our rallying cry this New Year is “Find Your Funds, Fund Your Finds” as we continue to bring together both sides of the equation: the creators and the financiers who share a common vision and confidence in amazing business ideas in high growth industries. 

We invite you to nominate your favourite start-ups over the next few weeks, whether you are a founder, an investor, an incubator, an accelerator, or venture studio, or an influencer who is as enthusiastic about start-up dreams as we are.

#teampeachscore is on a mission to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, and we invite you to participate in our exclusive, first annual startup awards program, including a five-star, red carpet event at a premier venue on April 27th.

 There is no cost to participate. It is free for your startups to be nominated; they simply need to set up a Peachscore profile to qualify.

The event with inspiring keynotes from ultra-successful entrepreneurs and investors, a cocktail reception, dinner, and live entertainment (music, standup comedy and more!) 

We will announce the finalists and winners, as many of our most popular listed companies move closer to winning a Peachscore Startup Award. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with executives from large corporations, partners at Venture Capital firms, government agency leaders, non-profit innovators, and an unprecedented gathering of entrepreneurs.

The Peachscore Startup Awards Categories include:

  • Best Original Idea
  • Best Female Entrepreneur
  • Best Minority Startup Award
  • Startup’s Choice Award
  • Startup of the Year

Learn more about our esteemed judges here (link to page) and imagine what an evening like this could mean for your business and the visibility of your brand, whether or not you are a finalist or the ultimate prize winner.

Inspired by the iconic Academy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and many others, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing brilliant, talented, and visionary start-up leaders into the spotlight.

Let’s do this together!

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