Startup Summer Festival 2022 Brings the Startup Community Together

Startup Summer Festival 2022 brings the startup community together in Los Angeles! 

By Hanieh Arefian

Startup Summer Festival 2022 brings the startup community togetherLos Angeles has already proven to be an area where entrepreneurs can come to live and start successful companies. We have seen this with some of Plug and Play’s most recent investment stories such as Honey, which was acquired by PayPal in 2019 for $4 billion. As one of the leading accelerators, Plug and Play, heavily supports innovations in the LA startup ecosystem and collaborates with many LA-based startups.

The Startup Summer Festival sponsored by Plug and Play, Peachscore, StartEngine, Ten Ten, Fox 11 Los Angeles, Cooley, Stonks and many more supports entrepreneurship in downtown LA and helps our city continue to be recognized as a global innovation hub. 


The festival had 3 major agendas. The Startups Expo which showcased the latest and greatest innovations, panel discussions around the future of LA tech hosted by Megan Pormer (talk show host at FOX11 LA), and the Peachscore startups’ award and networking.

Startup Summer Festival 2022 Panel

Panelists: Ian Hlatky, Dave Young, Cristina Chirica, Marc Steiner, and Chante Eliaszadeh
Moderator: Megan Pormer
50 startups presented their ideas and among those, 12 had been pre-qualified, evaluated, and sponsored by Peachcore from a variety of industries. Here is the list of some of the Peachscore companies: Perks, Now you’re clean,, SAAG, Enlighten AI, Ontold, Lablecoin, Cubtale, Non Fungible Frames, Ea$y, and Unstationary.  This has been the first in-person event for Peachscore to present the companies with their FICO-like score, which translates to each company’s stage and readiness, thereby leading to easier, smarter, and more targeted conversations and conversions.
Peachscore also announced the launch of the “Peachscore Program”. The program is a critical avenue to expand assistance to seed, pre-seed and early-stage businesses. Peachscore believes all ideas deserve a chance to get off the ground to aid future innovation and success. Through this new program, Peachscore, not only provides complete risk assessment to founders but also provides them with actual funding to continue to support them through their exclusive, hybrid network. A targeted advisory session with an industry veteran is yet another vital benefit of the program, which is essential for any founder.







The event was full of surprises, especially for Nicola Leggo, founder of Now You’re Clean, who won the Peachscore Startup award. the event judges selected a Peachscore company among all 50 startups. Now You’re Clean, is the female founder-owned company that is bringing the first fully automated self-service dog wash spa & boutique based in NYC that is differentiated through convenience, cost efficiency, and customer-centric innovation providing an unparalleled dog wash experience.

Startup Summer Festival 2022 Peach Award

Alex Mojtahedi, Hanieh Arefian, Arlette Sarkissians, Nicole Leggo, and Megan Pormer

We want to thank our event host Plug & Play and TenTen Wilshire for putting together an amazing event, and the panelists that joined us for providing some very interesting dialogue about the startup ecosystem. We would also like to thank all of our attendees for coming to the event and for helping make it a huge success for everyone involved. We are looking forward to our next event and hope more people can continue to join us as we shape the future of the startup ecosystem and early-stage businesses!

Startup Summer Festival 2022 Supports Entrepreneurship

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