Who can see my data?
All sensitive information and visibility is directly controlled by early-stage startups. Institutions that are interested to learn more about an early-stage startups can request access to this information from each individually.
How can I use Peachscore to raise money?
Set up your company account, and generate your Peachscore (ie. your “Credit Score”). Once your score hits above 550 out of 850, you unlock the ability to connect and message Institutions on the platform. Institutions use your Peachscore profile to determine if they are interested in learning more about your business and to connect with you directly on the platform.
How can I get noticed by Institutions on Peachscore?
Complete your profile and continuously update your information. Your profile is a representation of your business and it can be used to connect you with Institutions.
Can I share my Peachscore with others not currently on the platform?
Yes, each company has a public profile, which can be shared and viewed by others not currently on the platform.
How long will it take me to complete my Profile?
It takes an average of 30 minutes to complete your profile.
Can team members be added/invited to my Peachscore profile?
Yes, Peachscore allows you to invite all of your team members to add and update their own information. You have the ability to make certain team members admins who can contribute to your company profile and interact with Institutions if desired.