Meet the Outliers

We were inspired by our portfolio companies whose missions resonated with us so deeply that we decided to allocate
all our resources to support them.







Companies in Program

(Cohorts, Visting Founders)
Peachscore programs offer a unique approach by being
equity-free, industry-agnostic, and stage-agnostic.
    Series A | Los Angeles | Cohort 1 | AI-powered co-pilot for manufacturing and assembly workers that provides real-time aid as operators execute manual operations.
    Seed | Mexico City | Visiting Founder | Raphael J. Kappeler, CEO | Raised $6.4M | REWORTH API simplifies how financial institutions and merchants engage with […]
  • Aya (Techstars ’23)
    Pre-seed | Ghana | Visting Founder | Eric Annan | Aya is a Web3 talent marketplace and training platform that leverages data-predictive tooling to connect African […]
    Pre-seed | London | Visting Founder – Nadine Pfeifer | On a mission to help people build their superpower confidence, unlocking full potential and building strong […]
  • Mindozone
    Pre-seed | Los Angeles | Cohort 1 | Empower individuals to optimize their work-life well-being through personal transformation.
  • Now You’re clean
    Pre-seed | New York | Cohort 1 | 100% Automated Self-Service Dog Wash Pods
  • Haloo
    Seed | Canada | Cohort 1 | Julie MacDonell, CEO | Raised ~$4M | Trademarks without question marks.
  • Immer
    Pre-seed | New York | Cohort 1 | Compton O. – CEO | The Future of Live Entertainment
  • simplicollege
    Pre-seed | New York | Richard Bannister – CEO | SimpliCollege is an interactive virtual college consultant designed to make navigating the college process simple.
    Seed+ Round | Raised $2.5M | Switzerland | Michael H.W. Schmitz – CEO | Cohort 1 | Turning screen time into people time
    Pre-seed | Cohort 1 |The Netherlands | CEO at István Czilik | Platform-as-a-service implementation of revenue management capabilities.
  • Untold
    Pre-seed | Los Angeles | Cohort 1 | Ali Shahrokhi, CEO | Ontold is a platform that provides a communal writing experience for anyone with a […]
  • Pyplan
    Seed | Cohort 1 | Argentina | Jorge Douglas, CEO |The Most Flexible and Powerful Enterprise Planning Platform
  • Radivision
    Seed Round | San Francisco | Cohort 1 | Mona DeFrawi – CEO | Radivision® is the Startup World streaming + community platform, connecting viewers to […]
  • Onlihub
    Pre-seed | Cohort 1 |United States | Stanislav Meshcheryakov, CEO | B2B platform connecting DTC and private label brands with online retailers around the world.  
  • PepCubes
    Pre-seed | Raised $150k | Cohort 1 | Turkey | CEO, Selen Canoğulları | PepCubes is an online retailer and snack bar producer. Their product, made […]
  • Thousand Faces
    Pre-seed Round | France | Cohort 1 | CEO, Moojan Asghari | Invest in Art . Invest in Women . Invest in the Planet
  • Cloud Crocodile
    Pre-seed | UK | Cohort 1 | Tom Bowden, CEO | Cloud Crocodile puts you in control of the running time of your AWS EC2 instances […]
  • innermap
    Pre-seed | Cohort 1 | Los Angeles | Mitra Manesh, CEO | Innermap Inc. is an educational platform for mindful living with an accent on attention […]
    Seed Round | Raised $4.9M | Tel Aviv | Cohort 2 | We are digitizing every drop.
    Pre-seed | San Juan, Puerto Rico | Anu Bhardwa, CTO and Founder | Cohort 2 | World’s first suite of Android, iOS, KaiOS and Jio Apps […]
  • Covspect
    Pre-seed | Cohort 3 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Steve Grabenheimer, CEO and Founder | Product recalls AI SaaS – UV-C and Biosafety marketplace.
  • Venaera
    Pre-seed Round | Los Angeles | Cohort 2 | IOT | Jordan Sotudeh, CEO | Scalable proprietary tech makes heating and cooling retrofits affordable and easy.
  • Livnsense digital
    Pre-seed stage | Cohort 2 | India |Priyanka Kumar, CEO | LivNSense Technologies provides cross-functional insights and predictive foresight by creating live digital twins of the collected […]
    Pre-seed Stage | Cohort 3 | Germany | André Bluhm & Martina Schuster, CO-CEO | We enable medium-sized companies to continuously manage their individual AI potential. […]
  • Stark Drones
    Pre-seed | Detroit | Cohort 2 | Andrew Kamal | Stark Drones is an emerging company that participates in sensory networks, UART communications, and aviation design concepts
  • Codifin
    Pre-seed | Cohort 2| Mexico | Pablo Fajer, CEO | Codifin recruits, manages, and develops workforces, enabling companies to focus on core objectives.
  • Pvotal Technologies
    Pre-seed | Cohort 2 | Oregon, USA | Yashin Manraj, CEO | Transforming Ideas into Cloud Native Solutions
  • DiningTek
    Pre-seed | Broomfield, Colorado | Cohort 2 | Jaspal Singh, CEO | All-in-One Marketing, Branding, & Sales Platform for Food & Dining Industry.

Our Founders

Startups may evolve and ideas may shift, but the heartbeat of success
will always lie within the people who passionately drive them forward.

Seyed Sajjadi

CEO at nflux
Forbes 30 Under 30

Nadine Pfeifer

CEO of HopStair
Oxford University

Eric Annan

CEO at Aya
Techstars ‘23

Raphael Kappeler


Nicola Leggo

CEO at Now You're clean

Leila Pezeshk

CEO at Mindozone

Julie MacDonell

CEO at Haloo
University of Toronto

Adam Phillips

Head of BD at nflux
Founding Team

Richard Bannister

CEO at Simplicollege
Positive Intelligence

Compton O.

CEO at immer
Event Revitalizer

Michael Schmitz


István Czilik

CEO at Revenue.AI
Revenue Symphony!

Arlette Sarkissians

Co-Founder at Now You're clean

Ali Shahrokhi

CEO at Untold
Artistic Vision!

Jorge Douglas

CEO at Pyplan
Universidad del CEMA

Gabriel Tagle

Co-Founder at Pyplan

Mona DeFrawi

CEO at Radivision
Top 100 Women Fintech

Selen Canoğulları

CEO at Cezy
Bilkent University

Moojan Asghari

CEO at Thousand Faces
Top 50 AI Leaders

Niousha Asghari

Co-founder at Thousand Faces

Tom Bowden

CEO at Cloud Crocodile
Durham University

Yuval Molcho

CBO at NINA Labs
Israeli Air Force

Yair Marom

CEO at NINA Labs
Israeli Air Force

Anu Bhardwaj

Founder & CTO at SHEQONOMI

Jordan Sotudeh

CEO at Venaera

Avnish Kumar

Founder and CEO at

Priyanka Kumar

Founder & Director at

Steve Grabenheimer

CEO at Covspect

Martina Schuster

Co-CEO at
Ruhr University Bochum

André Bluhm

Co-CEO at
Ruhr University Bochum

Pablo Fajer

Founder at Codifin
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Emilio Beteta

Co-Founder @Codifin
Universidad Iberoamericana

Andrew Kamal

Founder at Stark Drones,
Ford Motor Company

Yashin Manraj

CEO at Pvotal Technologies

Elisabeth Beiter

CIO at Pvotal Technologies
CSU Chico


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Throughout the Peachscore Data-driven Accelerator program, founders can complete the cohort at their own pace within 6 months, emphasizing and focusing on areas of the business that need attention to help improve its score. Graduates will participate in a demo day to showcase their company to investors and partners.