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Help disrupt the startup ecosystem with the world’s first credit score for startups.

Join Peachscore’s scouting program to be a part of evolving the VC industry and help make connections between startups and investors faster than ever before.

Peachscore’s Scouting Program Mission:

At Peachscore, we strive to help innovative startups get the recognition they deserve and provide them with opportunities to establish strong relationships and strategic partnerships. With our scouting program, we aim to include members from the VC community to build a collaborative and united network committed to providing support and value to the platform and its members.

What you’ll do:

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As a Peachscout (just an idea lol), you will be integrated into our scouting community and will be able to work with Peachscore and fellow scouts directly.
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Be given the opportunity to search for the industry’s most creative and inventive startups. Provide recommendations while acquiring functional sourcing and due diligence skills.
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Utilize your personable skills to forge connections with founders and VC industry advisors alike.
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Strengthen your personal network and knowledge in the VC space.

What you’ll get:

Establish meaningful relationships with new startup companies, VC investors, and the people driving the global innovation market
Gain hands-on experience supporting startups and facilitating their funding process with investors

Scout Profile

Our scouts share the common passion of building companies, creating community, and supporting founders. Here are some (but not all) of the profiles that make a great scout



How many hours will a Peachscout have to commit a week?
We ask our scouts to put in around 6 hours a week to ensure productive engagement.
How can Peachscouts interact with each other?
Peachscore has a designated slack channel for all scouts to communicate through. Here you will be able to develop relationships with fellow scouts and work collaboratively for everyone’s benefit.
What fundraising stage does my startup need to be in to use Peachscore?
Peachscore specializes in working with startups that are seeking funding in Pre-Seed through Series A rounds. We want Peachscore to be a safe haven for early-stage businesses and take great joy in assisting startups no matter how early they are in fundraising.
Will I need to work with Peachscore exclusively?
Peachscore does not require you to work with us exclusively. As a scout, we want you to pursue any possible opportunities you believe in without restriction. Our program is designed to be as collaborative as possible where scouts can pool their curiosities to create an effective and productive community.
Can I become a Scout?
We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about the VC/startup space and want to gain experience interacting with entrepreneurs. As a Peachscout, you’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience in the startup fundraising world. If you want to help startup founders and expand your personal network, let us know because you’d be a great fit for our network!