Peach Studio

At Peachscore, our dedicated in-house team provides founders with expert consulting, guiding them in crafting compelling pitches, gearing up for fundraising, and conducting thorough business reviews.

Turning visions into investor-ready narratives

Empower your ideas through our expert pitch crafting. We transform concepts into compelling presentations that captivate investors.

FundPrep Pro

Elevate your fundraising efforts with precise preparation. We guide startups from groundwork to investor-ready presentations.

Enrollment Benefits

Boost your startup with Peachscore Studio: From refining pitch decks and honing your pitch skills in our one-hour bootcamp to a year's access to our digital platform and $250k in exclusive perks. Elevate your business efficiently and effectively.

  • Idea Ignition: 1-Hour Advisory Session: Fine-tune your concept in just 60 minutes. Join our experts to validate, refine, and elevate your idea. Dive into feasibility, market fit, and get tailored insights to propel your vision forward. Fast-track your idea's potential today!
  • Pitch Deck Assessment: Our team analyze your business to craft the perfect pitch deck for your company. You'll receive a revamped pitch deck as the final deliverable.
  • Startup Investment Prep Bootcamp: Our focused one-hour session guarantees that your startup is primed for pitching and set to impress investors.
  • Peachscore Platform: 1 year Gold Tier access.
  • Perks: Access to $250k in sponsored Perks.
  • Swag Store Credit: $25