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Peachscore has developed a dynamic real-time data stream, amalgamating public and exclusive datasets to monitor over 600k active early-stage companies in the private market. This empowers our partners to track ecosystem changes, discern emerging trends (fresh, emerging, mega, seasonal), and craft customized queries to dissect the data at a granular level.

Imagine if you could create a query to find {all early-stage companies} whose founders graduated from either {{Harvard Business School| OR {LMU}}, are in the {fintech} sector, have a {company lifetime of less than 6 months}, AND have {2 co-founders}.


Real-time Dashboards

Startup founders and other startup ecosystem stakeholders have access to a dashboard to benchmark a company in real-time, creating an instant 30-page detailed assessment report on the company's findability, strengths, weaknesses, and how it can improve key business metrics. Imagine having this wealth of data and intelligence at your fingertips in a matter of seconds!

New Leads

Connect with Startups at Scale

Peachscore has established various access points, including platforms and APIs, allowing our partners to effortlessly explore new leads and refine results. This not only ensures transparency through detailed assessment reports but also enables direct connections between our partners and founders.

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