Peachscore Startup Awards

Inspired by the Oscars

Thursday, Apr 27th             


Event Overview

Peachscore will host an exclusive ceremony to recognize exceptional startups & their founders in five categories. The event attendees will include executives from large corporations, partners at Venture Capital firms, government agencies, and entrepreneurs.

The event will be held at a premier venue in Downtown Los Angeles with keynote speeches from prestigious guests, a cocktail reception and a catered dinner, and live entertainment (music, standup comedy), culminating with the Peachscore Startup Awards ceremony.

Date: Thursday, Apr 27th                 Time: 4:00 - 9:00 pm                  Dress Code: Formal


Award Categories

Best Original Idea
Concept, MVP, commercial or post-revenue stage.

Best Female Entrepreneur
Recognizable accomplishments, building a team, etc.

Best Minority Startup Award
Recognizable accomplishments, building a team, etc.

Startup of the Year
Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A stages.



Three nominees will be selected for each category, and the final winners will be announced at the event. All winning startups will receive a Peachscore awards trophy, a cash prize, and exclusive offers from our sponsors. Nominees will be announced on March 1st.

A committee of judges with backgrounds in the VC industry, corporate innovation, universities, and technology will vote on startups for the awards.


Committee of Judges


Alex Marquez

Head of Venture


Rahim Amidi

Founder & Chairman

Plug and Play

Thierry Weissenburger

Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner

Consulate General of Canada

Zina Jarrahi Cinker

Director General


Vipul Nakum

Former Head of Product

Dun & Bradstreet

David Walsh

Former Partner

JP Morgan Private Equity Fund

Richard Sudek

Award Committee Chair

Angel Capital Association

Jeff Tan

Director of Co-Innovation


Nima Akbarpour

Journalist & Producer

BBC News

Michael Gorton



Grace Kangdani

Senior Vice President, Technology Industry Group

Bank of America

Clifford Tong


Berkeley Angel Network

Taj Ahmad Eldridge

General Partner

Include venture

Amir Kabbara

Director of Product

Shopify | Forbes 30 U 30

Rajul Kadakia


Tech Girl

Rafael Amado

Head of Ecosystem & Partnerships


Sachin Agarwal

Innovation Lead


Cash Allred


Sweater ventures

Alex Mojtahedi

Founder and CEO


Alireza Ghaemian

Chief Executive Officer

Levity Entertainment Group

Shelley Morris

Strategic Advisor, Investor, Microsoft Partner Advisory Council

Eric 'ERock' Christopher



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Register to attend

This is an invite only event.
Please register to join the waiting list to be considered as an invitee. Invitations will be sent on march 1st.
We have allocated 20 spots for existing Peachscore members.

Live streaming is available if you can not attend the event in person due to space limitations or travel restrictions Register to receive the streaming link closer to the event.

Nominate a startup for awards

Each startup can participate under only one category.
Startups MUST have a Peachscore Profile to be considered as a nominee.
You can either nominate your own startup or someone else’s.
Nomination ends on February 15th.
*Startups must be founded in 2017 or after.



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