Peachscore Data-driven Accelerator Program

At Peachscore, we blend human expertise with cutting-edge technology to empower our companies and drive their success in a dynamic market. Our intensive 3-month accelerator program offers two specialized tracks for founders seeking a transformative journey.

Our Value Proposition
Our team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors who possess a wealth of knowledge in scaling businesses like yours. Our team previously has built successful companies, supported other founders from inception to unicorn status, and managed over $200M in funds.
Track 1: Idea Alchemy Academy
Track 2: Growth Velocity Express

How the Process Looks Like

Our programs are completely equity-free and conducted online. 

Your time is valuable, and we want to respect that. We'll provide our initial response within three business days of receiving your application, as we believe a quick rejection is preferable to a prolonged one.

As a tech startup undergoing a transformation into a "Tech VC powered by AI," we are committed to delivering exceptional programs that rival the standards set by Y Combinator (YC). To uphold this level of excellence, there is a participation fee of $5,000 associated with our program.

  • Step 1Submit Basic Info

    Submit your basic company information.
  • Step 2Initial Call

    Introductions, high-level overview of the business, and getting to know the team.
  • Step 3Second Meeting (Not Always Required)

    Recap any high-level overview questions and then dive deeper on the opportunity and the business.
  • Step 4IC Meeting

    The Peachscore partners will evaluate your company in partnership to determine if our program can offer value and benefits to your business.
  • Step 5Accelerator Acceptance

    Send you the acceptance letter by email and execute the agreement.

Visiting Founder Program

If you are not ready to join our accelerator program just yet, you have the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey as a Visiting Founder. By doing so, you can immerse yourself in the dynamic world of startups, gaining valuable insights that will fuel your own entrepreneurial aspirations.

*The final approval process requires payment of $1200 Per Cohort participation.