By Stephen Walsh

We are continuing our guide on how to build a great pitch deck this week and how to best present your startup to investors. Today we will be covering the next three sections of an ideal pitch deck – Product, Traction and Team.

1. Product

This slide is all about showing how your startup’s product looks at this moment in time. Explain how the product is used and provide real testimonials or feedback that your team has received by current users or customers to show why they should invest in its future. 

2. Traction

This section is used to show how the business itself has been growing in recent history.  The goal here is to prove to the investors that you are already capable of bring your product to market and that it is truly needed, and that their investment will only elevate your chances of success.

3. Team

As previously mentioned, the team slide is one of the sections that investors spend the most time looking at. This is due to the fact that investors are not just investing in the potential of your idea or your product, but also in the people behind it who make all the magic happen. 

The best way to showcase the team slide is by just describing the members of the leadership team (ideally co-founders) and listing some of the highlights of their career to this point that will help translate to more success in this company.


Learning how to build a great pitch deck is the first step in a long battle towards securing capital for your business. However, perfecting both your deck and your pitch is paramount to a business’ success as running out of runway is one of the leading causes for startup failures. Like with most things in life, practice makes perfect. Be sure to maximize the amount of shots you are taking with investors to increase your chances of success. 

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