Mentorship at Peachscore

Some of Our Mentors & Speakers

We're honored to have outstanding mentors and speakers from
corporate sectors, VC establishments, and government agencies.

Rajul Kadakia

Founder at TechGirl, Angel Investor

Alex Marquez

Head of Ventures Experian

Richard Sudek

Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels

Jeff Tan

CO-CEO of Innovation Microsoft

Sid Mohasseb

Early Stage Investor Palantir

Clifford Tong

Berkeley SkyDeck

Molly Cernicek

Entrepreneur Programs Strategy at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kayvan Baroumand

Founder @ SignalRank

Christian Peverelli

Founder @ WeAreNoCode

Sam Abdallah

Product Specialist @ Deloitte

Mac McKean

Former EVP Innovation at AMC Networks

Alex Mojtahedi

Partner at Peachscore

Cash Allred

Principal @ Antler

Wade Bitaraf

Founder, Plug and Play Energy & Sustainability

Nate Mahan

Technology Innovation Manager at Red Bull

Maryam Mahdaviani

Former Head of Product at Honey

Sachin Agarwal

Innovation Lead at USPS

Hernán Guerrero Hinojosa

General Partner at GG Capital

Peyman Shahmirzadi

Partner @Peachscore

Brandon Maier

Visiting Partner

Todd Rumberger

Partner at WilmerHale Legal Counsel

Ali Payani

Chairman, CEO & Founder at Payani Group

Nima Akbarpour

Technology Journalist

Vipul Nakum

Former Head of Risk Assessment and Product at Dun & Bradstreet

Jeff Erickson

Forecastr | Startup Advisor | Angel Investor

Alireza Ghaemian

Levity Live/Improv

Mayuran Yogarajah

Head of IX Labs at IndexExchange

Tony Zirnoon

Human Capital Ventures


Mentor Spotlight

Kayvan Baroumand
President at Signal Rank

Mentorship isn't just a process of instruction; it's a profound exchange where seasoned professionals pass on invaluable insights, nurture the flames of creativity, and guide the next generation. Through this shared journey, mentors not only enrich the individual's growth but also contribute significantly to the broader evolution and advancement of technology.


Become a Mentor

Mentors significantly influence a diverse range of entrepreneurs, from innovative college students and budding founders to early-stage startups in our accelerators. It's an opportunity to contribute, enriching the community by generously imparting your knowledge to teams you resonate with.