Strategic Investment and Partnership: Payani Group and Peachscore Empowering Entrepreneurs

LOS ANGELES – [September 28th, 2023] – In a noteworthy development poised to reshape the landscape of business acceleration, Payani Group is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Peachscore.

Payani Group, a dynamic player in the business growth sphere, is renowned for its multifaceted approach to nurturing and scaling businesses. Their mission is to expedite business growth by offering invaluable skills and resources focused on three essential services:

Investing for Growth: Payani Group's Private Equity arm breathes life into promising businesses, providing them with the necessary resources to flourish and scale.

Guidance and Strategy: Payani Group offers essential advice through strategic Advisory services. They are a compass, helping companies navigate today's complex business landscape.

Enhancing Visibility: Completing the trio, Payani Group's Media Solutions leverages the power of media to strengthen its partners' visibility and impact.

Payani Group has joined forces with Peachscore, a trailblazing platform known as the first data-driven accelerator program to further this mission.

At Peachscore, they blend human expertise with cutting-edge technology to empower companies and drive their success in a dynamic market. Their intensive 10-week accelerator program offers two specialized tracks for founders seeking a transformative journey. Peachscore has a team of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors with a wealth of knowledge and experience scaling businesses and building successful companies, supporting other founders from inception to unicorn status, and managing over $200M in funds.

This strategic partnership between Payani Group and Peachscore is built on a dual foundation: Ali Payani, the founder of Payani Group, will serve as an advisor to Peachscore, cementing Payani Group's position as a strategic partner. This collaboration aims to deliver immense value to startups and established businesses by leveraging their combined expertise in business growth.

Ali Payani, Founder of Payani Group, expresses the vision behind this collaboration: "Our vision is the same thing - we want to help businesses grow faster, without losing time and without wasting resources."

On the other side of this equation, Alex Mojtahedi, the CEO of Peachscore, also shares his excitement: "Together, we are stronger, and we are excited about the future and the opportunity to make a positive impact on many lives."

ABOUT Payani Group

Payani Group is more than an investment firm; it's a catalyst for growth, offering Private Equity for expansion, strategic Advisory services, and dynamic Media Solutions. Their mission is to identify businesses with exceptional growth potential and provide the resources and expertise to thrive. With a commitment to integrity and excellence, Payani Group is your steadfast partner in achieving extraordinary success. Explore their comprehensive approach to growth.


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