Top 100 Schools’ Rankings in 2023 for Entrepreneurial Education

We’re thrilled to share the “Top 100 Schools’ Rankings in 2023 for Entrepreneurial Education.” 🚀🎓

Check out the full list to discover the institutions that excel in preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs for success. 📚💼

Please note:
-This ranking was created based on publicly available data in the United States by analyzing 11,439 educational institutions.
– Regrettably, we couldn’t obtain precise data for certain countries. It’s surprising that either the data for those countries has not yet become widely available outside the country, or their startup ecosystem has not received enough encouragement to connect with global hubs. These countries include China, Japan, Italy, Finland, France, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Indonesia, and Nigeria. It’s essential to note that while this list focuses on evaluating the relationship between founders and their graduated schools, our other datasets indicate that entrepreneurship, in general, is rapidly thriving in these countries, with a surge in the creation of new companies. 🌏📈

Congratulations to all the schools making a difference in shaping future entrepreneurs! 🎉💡 #Entrepreneurship #Education #TopSchools2023 #Entrepreneurship #GlobalTrends 🌍🤔